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Seattle Tech Companies

Fit for Techies

Hotel near Top Tech Companies in Seattle

Discover the Downtown Seattle Tech Scene

"Geeky" may be an insult some places, but in Seattle, it’s a term of endearment. A pinch of nerdiness is part of the fabric of the city, and we’ve got the tech companies to prove it — everything from established giants like Microsoft and Amazon to hot startup darlings that are poised to be the major players of tomorrow. If you’re here for an interview or consulting gig, the Kimpton Palladian Hotel is the perfect place to stay — not only are we pretty sure you’ll dig our luxe amenities and signature coastal dining, but we’re within close proximity to tons of companies with headquarters or offices in the Seattle area.

Tech Companies with Offices in Seattle

Within a short stroll, you'll find yourself at the doorstep of tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and many innovative startups. Remove the added stress of long commutes or navigating traffic. Stay with us at Kimpton Palladian, and you're right where the action happens.

  • Amazon (15-minute walk)
  • Google (15-minute drive)
  • Microsoft (25-minute drive)
  • Tableau (10-minute drive)
  • Expedia (10-minute drive)
  • eBay (20-minute drive)
  • Facebook (6-minute drive or 30-minute walk)
  • F5 Networks (6-minute drive or 25-minute walk)
  • Zillow (6-minute walk)
  • Electronic Arts (EA) (9-minute walk)
  • Apple (12-minute walk)
  • Teague (6-minute walk)